Thursday, August 14, 2008

Andy Farkas at Flanders Art Gallery

engravings, photographs, and silverpoints
August 01, 2008
General Opening: Aug.1st 6-9pm
Artist Reception: Aug.15th 6-9pm
Flanders Art Gallery will host artists Andy Farkas, Jeannine Cook, and Gina Fuentes Walker for Float, an exhibit looking at the delicacy and detail contained within nature's flora.

As Farkas debuts his new book River, he will include individual pulled prints that were produced to illustrate the new text. Farkas's works, notably his past wood engravings, are characterized by fine lines and are populated by animals and children attempting to make sense of their physical and psychological environments. He will also provide an explanatory installation of printmaking processes within the exhibit.

Selected from her Seasons on Sapelo series, Cook's pieces will showcase her silverpoint studies of the changing scenery on a barrier island in Georgia. Silverpoint is a medium that dates to the twelfth century, and it entails wielding a silver stylus over a prepared surface to produce the resulting image.

Walker offers transparency photographs that become sculptural endeavors as she presents translucent images of branches and ferns mounted between layers of glass.

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