Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Opportunity for Printmakers

Prospectus for Entry – "The Illustrated Word"
April 4 – May 1, 2008

Art gallery Flanders 311 wishes to pair local writers with the Printmakers of North Carolina (PoNC) for an illustration exhibition to be held April 4 – May 1, 2008. In order to execute this exhibition, invited writers will be eligible to enter a self-contained story or poem for a PoNC member to later illustrate. The text must fit within the confines of an 8.5 x 11" sheet of paper with 1" margins. Texts are due to the curator by midnight of January 18, 2008 . Invited writers may also sponsor up to two student works in addition to or in lieu of submitting their own pieces. As thanks for participation, each writer will receive an unframed print of the illustration specific to his/her piece. All text copyrights will remain the possession of each individual author.

PoNC members and other invited illustrators will receive their specific texts on January 22, 2008 via email. Editions of at least two must be produced; one must go to the author, and the other must be available for sale at the exhibition, with the artist receiving 50% of any sales. If more than two prints are available within any edition, then the printmaker must make this clear on any pulled print. Prints cannot exceed 8.5 x 11". It will be the responsibility of each participating printmaker to deliver to the gallery the finished prints framed alongside the text. The deadline for this delivery is 6 p.m. of March 29, 2008. Frames may not exceed 20 x 24".

All participants are invited to attend the opening reception April 4, 2008, 6 – 9 p.m. at Flanders 311. Flanders 311 is located in downtown Raleigh at the 311 West Martin Street Galleries and Studios. Participants' family and friends are also welcome.

If you are interested and expect to participate in this project, please contact

Flanders Art Gallery
Attn: Illustrated Word
18 Seaboard Ave., Ste. 160
Raleigh, NC 27604

Any questions and concerns should be addressed to Lauren Turner at 919.834.5044 or flandersartcurator@gmail.com.

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