Sunday, January 20, 2008


Our fearless leader Bill Fick is the proud curator of a brand new show called: Printed: Contemporary Prints and Books by North Carolina Artists. You can see it at the Green Hill Center for Art in Greensboro, NC from Jan 18th to Feb 29th.

We were happy to make the three hour drive to attend the opening, which was VERY well attended! The show looked great, and it was good to see old friends again.

Matt Liddle, Bill Fick and Ryan O'Malley

Beth Grabowski and Heather Muise

Scott Betz

Craig Malmrose and Matt Egan


Linobill said...

Great to see the ECU gang. You guys are real troopers.

ainesse said...

Great to suddenly come across a familiar face !!

Say hello to Scott Betz for me. What a all time good guy he is !!

We met in Sweden through a show we were both exhibiting in called. "Printmaking on the Edge"